Monday, January 16, 2012

New space, or is there?

I found the coolest dishes at Goodwill, during one of their 50% off sales.  If you've ever heard of Denby of England{here}, then you'll know they're a high end priced porcelain company. In addition to the dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, and cups, I got the Tea Plate, Saucers, and Mugs!  WAHOO!  A set valued at over $1200 purchased at a thrift store for $30~I'd call that a deal!

Now, where to put them....

After rearranging pretty much all of my cupboards to fit it, I finally found something that worked.  But, the thought of cups taking so much square-footage and not much space above gnawed at me!  [How could I make it work?] [Should I make shelves?] [What about hooks?]....HOOKS!  Yes, that would answer the space question!

I had some left over hooks from a previous project {hanging my measuring cups and spoons to the door of another cupboard} and they would work fabulously.  I even got a little giddy about it :)  Not only do I now have more space in my cupboards, but I have an aesthetically pleasing place to put my mugs!

 (First row) Width of Cupboard: 25-1/2"
Width from edge to outer cup: 4-1/4"
Spacing between each cup: 5-1/2"
Depth: 3" from front
(second row) Width from edge: 7-1/4" 
Spacing between each cup: 5-1/2"
Depth: 3" from wall

Just make sure that if you do this project, you don't screw the hooks through the other end of the board!  Measure the depth first to make sure you have room.  Then slowly drill your hole prior to inserting hooks.  [I just can't say, "screw" and "hook" in the same sentence...ha ha]  The hook screw was too long, so I didn't twist them flush with the board.  It's okay, I still love the way they turned out!

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